Shopify Mobile App Pricing

Discover the right pricing plan to turn your Shopify store into a mobile app

$499 / month
  • Key Features
  • - Essential Design Modules
  • - Unlimited Push Notifications
  • - App Analytics
  • - Live Support
  • - Live Support
$999 / month
  • Key Features
  • - Pro Design Modules
  • - Schedule App Updates
  • - Blog Support
  • - Live Support
  • - Live Support
$1999 / month
  • Key Features
  • - App Design Service
  • - Multi-Language Support
  • - Multi-Currency Support
  • - Dedicated Account Manager
  • - Limitless Existing Integrations
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  • Key Features
  • - Bespoke App Design
  • - Clone Store Support
  • - Custom Metafields Set-Up
  • - Custom Integrations
  • - Dedicated Digital Designer
Prices do not include
Apple Developer
($25, one time fee) which are required
Google Play
($25, one time fee)
which are required to publish an app
to publish an app
Prices do not include
Apple Developer
($99/year) and
Google Play
($25, one time fee) which are required
($25, one time fee) which are required
to publish an app

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iOS & Android App

Real-time Shopify Sync

Firebase & Google Analytics

Real-time Updates

Drag & Drop CMS


Essential Design Modules

Pro Design Modules

End-to-end Design & Development

Asset Creation


User Accounts & Order History

Product Search, Sorting & Filtering


Schedule App Updates

Product Recommendations

Blog Support

Conditional Tagging

Product Previews

Custom Fonts & Icons

Metafield Support


Standard Integrations

Premium Integrations

New Integrations

Push Notifications

Segmented Notifications

Scheduled Notifications

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Back-in Stock Notifications


Shopify Checkout

Native Apple Pay

Native Google Pay


Multi-currency Support

Multi-language Support

Clone Store Support


Live Chat & Email Support

Dedicated Account Manager

Monthly Insights

Dedicated Designer


How long does it take to build an app?

You can design an entire app in less than 60 minutes.

How do I launch my app on the app stores?

Once you are are ready to go live we will launch the app for you. In order to launch an app on the app stores you need developer accounts. You can either set-up your own accounts and give us admin access or we can use our own.

Can I make changes to the app once it's live?

You can make as many changes to the app as you like and they will be visible as soon as you hit publish.

Can I send push notifications from my app?

Once you app is live you will be able to send and schedule as many push notifications as you like.

Will my 3rd party Shopify plugins work on the app?

We support 40+ out the box integrations and can set-up an integration with any app that has API documentation or a SDK. We will ensure that your app has the same functionality as your website.

What if I already have an app?

If you already have an app don't worry, we migrate apps from other providers all the time. The new app will simply replace the existing app as an update and you won't lose any customers.

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